Blessed Ascension Nicol! Beloved Mother and protector!

Protect your daughters who admire you,

praise you and love you

for all that you have done.

Oh! Blessed Ascension Nicol!

Strong and fearless woman….

Angola, Africa and the whole world venerate you,

you are our protection, sustenance and security.

You conducted with wisdom the work of God,

Believed in God’s plan…

Oh! strong woman…

With your penetrating gaze, you intuitively understood situations, you captivated hearts, smiling and crying with whoever needed it…

Oh, Mother of mine, Oh, dear mother… Oh, pilgrim and adventurous mother!

You preferred the Peruvian jungle to carry out your mission, oh mother of the poor…

You were an instrument of God at the side of the needy…

O serene Mother! Suffering was your prayer and good was your sine….

You consoled the sad,

You gave life to the dying,

You fed the hungry, drink to the thirsty,

and instruction and education to the indigenous…..

Your example encourages us,

your encouragement converts us,

your smile captivates us,

O Mother!

You breathed holiness in everything!

For this, we praise you,

we admire and thank you …

Our pride, our vanity and our standard banner!

Always present…

Present as we celebrate the 19th anniversary of your holiness.

Infuse us with your grace and values.

Intercede for us, oh dear and holy Mother.

Sister Rita João


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