When you have lived some years inside the jungle in the Ecuadorian Amazon and you know something of how much and great there is inside: The Lushness of Nature immensely large trees, some with flowers or fruits that you do not know, birds of many sizes, colorful plumage and songs that their communication between them, Animals like monkeys, squirrels, tapirs, tigrillos, turtles, ants arrieras, huge conga ants, spiders of various sizes, butterflies of multiple colors, toads that sing announcing the rain that will fall torrentially after a while, large earth toads that croak announcing drought for a few days. Snakes, coral and others unknown by name, but, maybe among your books… or medicines, in a dispensary… invading your small room.


When you have shared part of your life with women not so elegant, but with a wisdom and knowledge of values and respect…Men who work under the relentless sun, carrying big sacks of coffee and carrying logs, stuck in the mud, fishing or hunting at night with flashlights, sharing their worries or problems, struggling to bring their children from the banks of those great Amazonian rivers. Others, settlers, arrived in the jungle with few belongings but looking for, in the middle of the unknown, a space to build a house for him and his family, sowing pieces of land, with corn, coffee, cocoa…and while the product comes out eating the usual rice in the three meals with cooked banana and with luck, if they have chickens some meat or an egg sometimes distributed…and coffee water. Spending their lives, waiting for a better future, sometimes great and sometimes disappointing.


When you have lived, shared with those families in those distant and impoverished places …. You think: what can Artificial Intelligence do there? What can change this universe overflowing with an incomparable wealth where, many times, they find themselves with nothing, nothing of what they were looking for? Can this non-human intelligence, because only God manages it, and the artificial one …. .it is artificial, manipulated, experimental, occasional unknown. Will they be able to change poverty? The eloquent silence in the night, the tone of the songs of the birds, the colors of the exuberant vegetation, the perfume of the flowers, the flavor of unknown fruits, the curative action of many of the plants, the expectation of the animals hunted suddenly, the feelings of joy of moments in family, the prayers of petition or gratitude for life, of so many people, families, children, volunteers, workers, men and women dedicated to accompany in the life and promotion of these Peoples, will they be able to change it?


Will they be able to prevent the heat from abating, the rains from stopping so that they do not harm the villages; the moonlit nights can sail the people crossing the rivers, stop the time, enlarge the good, change emotions? Everything remains to be seen, but I suspect that, behind so much, there is only one hand, there is only one love to have given us the support of the person always on his side.

Sister Elvira

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