Celebration of the centenary of the congregation of the Missionary Dominican of the Rosary

Our congregation was born on October 5th, 1918 and everywhere where there is missionary presence we celebrated with joy and gratitude this event.

It was a moment for recalling our walking as Missionary Dominican of the Rosary in every country we are. Memories, faces, experiences, pain and joy came out as we remember our walking as missionary family serving the poorest of the poor. We felt accompanied by our peoples everywhere we celebrated this event.

This celebration allowed us not only to look forward, to project ourselves in our mission and being conscious about our fragility, but also to realize many hope signs that encourage us to keep on embodying the charisma bequeathed by our founding fathers “To evangelize poor people in those missionary situations where the Church needs us most”

The celebration helped us to recognize God’s life in these one hundred years of history, to be grateful to the spirit’s vitality that propels us and that it makes itself visible in the beauty of the diversity of our congregation.

From the Peruvian jungle we expanded towards the rivers of the world to announce the liberating good news of Jesus. Today, we are present in 22 countries and there are sisters from 26 nationalities. Each sister witnesses how the small seed that Mother Ascension Nicol and Monsignor Zubieta, inspired by God, sowed on indigenous land bore abundant fruit in the heart of our peoples, with whom we have tied our heart and even gave our lives as our martyrs of Democratic Republic of Congo did.

Facing a fractured world, we feel challenged to be knitters of a fraternity of equals, to be the builders of inclusive, cheerful and evangelizing communities.

The celebration of our centennial involves us in living with authority and gratitude our missionary vocation. We must pay attention to life and the suffering that we contemplate and that move us to give new and creative answers.