In-person classes suspension due to the sanitary situation we are currently living and the necessity of guaranteeing the continuation of our students’ learning have imposed challenges on teachers and families. These challenges belong to a curriculum implementation and actions of socio-economic support to families and school staff; new forms for developing pastoral projects; prioritization of competencies; use of technological tools; interactive methodologies; style of organization-communication and adaptation of activities in the virtual world to somehow surpass physical distance and especially the experience of solidarity; autonomous learning; environment care; health; resilience; among many others.

In our educative institution “SANTA MARIA”, students, teachers and parents have joined to take forward the education provided in the virtual classrooms, which have been installed in each of the students’ houses in a form of providing the stability and safety that are necessary for implementing learning routines as well as using their time in a productive way. There is no doubt that this helps us to join together as families having as horizon based on the principles of our Dominican Charisma.

Despite the unfortunate situation we are living in terms of health, social, and political situation in our country, our school maintains the illusion and hope of coming back to a stronger in-person education by committing ourselves to continue delving into the union of all the educative agents through pray and concrete actions that show the solidarity and comprehension, under the protection and love of Jesus and our mother Mary.

Nelly Vertiz Rioja

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