How can we define "COMmunity?"Within the normal, of everyday life, an unusual situation appeared, which made us tremble, makes us restless. We were locked in, nervous and scattered because of the Covid. With this situation, I turned my head towards my heart; I look for the light, an answer, in something that I can understand how fear can enter our apparently stable and organized life. We were united and happyRead More...

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Being a teacher and a student in this time of pandemic is very challenging. As a teacher, it is not easy if one is not knowledgeable enough in technology. “New Normal” way of learning is not easy at the beginning, because of the needed connectivity between teachers and the learners is not guaranteed virtually. When it comes to this form of education, this requires more effort from students and moreRead More...

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Having lived the Covid threats for several months with Spain as one of the third highest death reports in the world, was so alarming and left us almost paranoid at times. It was so when I lived those days either in the university or among the roads going back home in Madrid. It was a very challenging experience from hygiene, care for others and keeping distance from friends and evenRead More...

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 Initially, I find this topic nothing stimulating, palatable much less interesting to write on particularly during this pandemic time ushered in by covid- 19 into the global world, given the fact that this unwelcomed guest and most dreaded, enemy brought into our lives almost every bad omen and disaster we could have thought of and had never expected.Nevertheless, allow me to glean positive factors that certainly would be more functional,Read More...

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The overstaying pandemic is still with us for more than a year, it has affected rapidly our day-to-day life... Waking up each day in this ambiance of quarantine and lockdown days come along uncertainties and several questions keep coming into our minds and hearts:Where have all those dormers gone, that they left all rooms empty?Where are all those smiles from their innocent faces?Where are all their greetings and good gesturesRead More...

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Privileges and benefits shattered? We can face these if we have the right values and concern for each other. “Evil is powerless if the good is unafraid.” (Pres. Ronald Reagan)Be of the higher or lower bracket of society, many of us have experienced living comfortably in our means without depending or relying on charity. The poor are the most vulnerable level of society and as we know, financial struggle isRead More...

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Understanding the message of daily living, learning to love my vocation more

Christians often speak of having a “vocation” or being “called”. Many of us are likely familiar with stories of “call” and how an individual was led to become a religious.We, the Dominicans, profess obedience, and embrace a life of poverty and chastity for the sake of the Kingdom. Embracing one’s vocation is done in God and not only for oneself, but also to serve others. The workplace where a personRead More...

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Experience in my New Mission

“The One who calls you is faithful, and He will do it” (1 Thessalonians 5:24).I would like to share my experience right after our Canonical novitiate in Manila, Philippines where we also made our temporal profession last 8 of September 2020. Prior to our profession, we were told by our Provincial as to what would be our assigned task. It so happened that, my assignment would also be in theRead More...

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The Blow of COVID 19 To Our Mission Today

COVID-19 has brought school closure from meeting students and teachers face to face physically. Although schools began partially, re-opening virtually five months later in August of last school year, far-reaching restrictions remain in place and any predictions as to when closures will be, seems to be hardly possible now. Consequently, teachers face significant challenges in adapting to online teaching and maintaining at least a minimum of communication with students andRead More...

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As this covid19 hit the wold in its utmost it has caused so many changes at almost everything in the globe. Coping with the challenges that we are all confronted with the world and the geniuses / intelligence of man are in constant battle.One of the many changes and coping that had caught my attention is the coining or forming of words following new lifestyle that the world names “THERead More...

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 What does all this mean to me? The washing of the feet -for an Asian person like me- has always been an important act of the Holy Week, an almost unforgettable and indispensable ritual in the parish of my birth as in the universal Church. I had no idea of European customs or cultural interpretations of everything that the act of "washing" expresses, because in Asia it is "kissing theRead More...

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As a missionary belonging to San Luis Beltran Province, am called for a new mission. God sent me four years ago to Vietnam as a new member of the Province of Reina de China. Vietnam is a place ideally dreamt of by our Founders. It is a place where freedom of speech is curtailed, and our apostolic activities are limited and being monitored by authorities of the land. To beRead More...

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Centenary of Mons. Ramon Zubieta y Les. O.P.



A woman who left behind her land and securities

“I felt no great enthusiasm…but an irresistible strength that led me to offer myself…”

Ascencion Nicol was forty-five years old when she embraced the missionary challenge proposed by Monsignor Zubieta of going to the Peruvian jungle and being able to contribute her gifts and extensive experience in favor of the education and formation of girls and women from the jungle. The context she will face would be totally different to the school of Huesca. However, her deep fidelity, her restless and attentive spirit to what god wanted for her pushed her to offer her life to the cause of the kingdom.


Missionary in the Philippines

 “Woe to me if I do not preach the gospel!”

Ramon Zubieta, who was eager to preach, lived his first missionary experience in the Philippines. He is an open missionary, who combines faith and human promotion, wishes to embody himself and to know the culture of the communities which he must confront. He learns their languages and customs and spends a lot of time speaking to them. He promotes health, education and improvement in farming.

Due to the independency movements within the region, he was taking as prisoner along with other companions suffering from starvation and torture, but finally he is released.

“The soul that it offers itself as a victim is as if it was telling god: Here I am to comply your will; here I am to suffer, to love, to immolate myself, to keep quiet, to not wish anything that is out of you”

Mother Ascencion Nicol Goñi