WhatsApp: Boon or bane?

IntroductionTexts, Internet, social networks are "gift of God" if used wisely - Pope Francis“Emails, text messages, social networks and chats can also be fully human forms of communication. Social networks can facilitate relationships and promote the good of society, but they can also lead to further polarization and division between individuals and groups.” said the Pope Francis in his message on the World Day of Communications in 2016.How true andRead More...

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Behind the Mask

Behind the mask is a patient in fear, unsure what will happen after being brought here.Behind the mask is someone special who, was born for this moment to take care of you.Behind the mask is someone’s son or daughter, guiding you through these unchartered waters.Behind the mask, someone comes to you in prayer, full of mission and faith, guiding your care.Behind the mask, someone is leading the way, planning andRead More...

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The intention of the Holy Father Pope Francis for the month of March was to pray that the Church in China may persevere in its faithfulness to the Gospel and grow in unity. This statement is printed in the 2020 calendar at least six months in advance. The Holy Pope might have been inspired or he sensed of the calamity that was going to take place in China. Similar calamitiesRead More...

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You’re living by faith?

It’s amazingHow people can live by faithWithout even realizing itRight now in our homeWe’re living by faithIn what the scientists told usWe’re living by faithIn what the virus is telling peopleLook at how our actionsIs the result of what we believe?If we notice everyone is wearing a mask nowWhen they go to public placesEverybody is washing their handsTill their skin has changed coloursAll because we believe in an invisible thingThatRead More...

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Dominic the Prophet

We as Dominicans are very privileged to belong to the spiritual family of St. Dominic. We are proud of him. The month of August is unique month for us the Dominicans because in this month we celebrate two important feasts.  The feast of St. Dominic and also the feast of Assumption of Mother Mary the great supporter of him.  As we celebrate the feast of St. Dominic let us haveRead More...

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Covid 19

COVID-19 is a battle for our souls, a “spiritual battle for the 21st century”.  It’s a battle and we will win.“Whenever we feel overwhelmed by the chaos and difficulty of life, we can turn to God in prayer for peace and serenity. In this time of uncertainty, fear, seclusion and separation from what we term ‘normal,’ our human solution is to ‘handle it ourselves.’ But that is not what our BibleRead More...

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Temporary Vows’ Renovation

Listen to what God wants from you:“And what does the Lord require of you But to do justly, To love mercy, And to walk humbly with your God” (Micah 6, 8)To me, having renewed my vows -my option of living a religious life- in times of pandemic is to thank my vocation as well as the vocation of my companions Frania, Eveling and Yaneth, who being from different places andRead More...

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Dear sisters, please receive our more sincere greeting.From Nicaragua we want to share some of the experiences that we have lived in the last months. Some of us will make it by writing and others by a video that will get to you.We are just like everybody else -as presence of the Congregation in this country- living in hope.As we all know, Nicaragua lives since 2018 under dictatorship, which isRead More...

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Participation in the formation course ‘Preparation for Formation of Companions’ (PAF-Guatemala)

The experience of PAF (curso de Preparación para Acompañantes de la Formación, in English: course ‘Preparation for Formation of Companions’) has been a great gift received at the beginning of this year.I want to praise the wisdom of these words: “To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven…” (Ecclesiastes 3, 1) these words I know them by heart after they were repeated over and overRead More...

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We -Angelica Gomez (Mexican) and Onelia Lopez (Guatemalan)- want to share what it means to profess our temporary vows during this pandemic in the Congregation Dominican Missionary Sisters of the Rosary. It has been an event where we have felt welcomed, supported and empowered by God and by all the sisters in the Congregation. Since our first call in this walk with Jesus along with our brothers and sisters, we realizedRead More...

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An experience is shared with us from Peru

This community of elders is called Ascension Nicol and Ramon Zubieta. The nine sisters who form the community greet you. Some with more and others with less limitations due to our age, but we are all conscious.We are spending our quarantine in good conditions and being wonderfully served by two paramedics, one in the day shift and the other in the night shift. In addition, there are other employees givingRead More...

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A reflection is shared with us from the Philippines

The Asian continental novitiate in Manila shares with us the following reflection:The Silent MasterIn the day there was a great master, who is silent and extremely brilliant.He started his trip from Wuhan to Italy and now he is everywhere.While he arrives to a country the whole world participates, crying with sadness.He took some lives in silence.Many meetings, churches, schools, hotels and dormitories were shut down immediately.The time has come, ourRead More...

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A woman who left behind her land and securities

“I felt no great enthusiasm…but an irresistible strength that led me to offer myself…”

Ascencion Nicol was forty-five years old when she embraced the missionary challenge proposed by Monsignor Zubieta of going to the Peruvian jungle and being able to contribute her gifts and extensive experience in favor of the education and formation of girls and women from the jungle. The context she will face would be totally different to the school of Huesca. However, her deep fidelity, her restless and attentive spirit to what god wanted for her pushed her to offer her life to the cause of the kingdom.


Missionary in the Philippines

 “Woe to me if I do not preach the gospel!”

Ramon Zubieta, who was eager to preach, lived his first missionary experience in the Philippines. He is an open missionary, who combines faith and human promotion, wishes to embody himself and to know the culture of the communities which he must confront. He learns their languages and customs and spends a lot of time speaking to them. He promotes health, education and improvement in farming.

Due to the independency movements within the region, he was taking as prisoner along with other companions suffering from starvation and torture, but finally he is released.

“The soul that it offers itself as a victim is as if it was telling god: Here I am to comply your will; here I am to suffer, to love, to immolate myself, to keep quiet, to not wish anything that is out of you”

Mother Ascencion Nicol Goñi