When I study about your life I was amazed at how you comforted the natives who need your comfort amidst the hardship that you face.You embrace the mission with all your heart even it includes moments of laughter and tears, works and struggles and by all means, you use your heart in a special way. You share the fruits of your contemplation with the natives by uplifted their dignity asRead More...

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Prophetic voice of the Catholic bishops of Mozambique

Gathered in our first Plenary Session of this year 2021, the Catholic Bishops of Mozambique, with hearts full of sadness, as every Mozambican citizen who identifies with the good of the country; we deplore the tragic situation experienced by the population of Cabo Delgado.We regret the prevailing insecurity among the population in the center of the country and we are unhappy with the food insecurity and hunger that affect otherRead More...

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From “Bambo Ramon” community, Milange, Mozambique, I want to share a bit of my experience of less than a year. We are an intercultural and intergenerational community made up of five sisters, four in perpetual vows and a junior who is sharing her experience with you.The first thing I did was integration to make good community coexistence possible, knowing that we are all people of values, but also of limitations.Read More...

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This project aims to welcome homeless people who live on the streets, offer a daily meal and guide them to rehabilitation alternatives.The Apostolic Nunciature began this project, but it was co-responsible for different religious Congregations, parishes, and lay people in the Archdiocese.Personal hygiene services are offered daily for all users who present themselves and require this service, in the project's facilities.They can also enjoy a daily meal distributed in rotationRead More...

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Inhassunge is an Island and a suburban area located in the south of Zambézia province. The population lives on the basis of agriculture, fishing and informal trade. There is a lot of lack of employment and little motivation in school education. Most of the population belongs to and attends the Christian church. And they are very dedicated to church activities.It has been very difficult to travel from Quelimane to Inhasunge,Read More...

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“After telling Monsignor Zubieta’s life to kids from 6 to 9 years old from our school “Colegio Flori” in Porto, we asked this question:What did you like most about Ramon Zubieta’s life? As representation of all the aswers the children gave, we chose the drawing that you can see here and the following statement:“It was to know that he was a missionary Father who helped the world with his Faith andRead More...

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The “ASCENDING LAY PEOPLE " - LEA - is a little bit informal group linked to the Congregation which was born in 1994 based on the love and experience that unite several people to the IMDR. This group meets three times a year (almost always in Fátima, a very special place for everyone) and, throughout the year, it feeds on its unity, friendship and family spirit through phone calls andRead More...

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Residents said goodbye to the last two stalls in the 6 de Maio neighborhood in Amadora.The last two tents began to be demolished in the early morning of June 8TH, 2021, in a process that lasted for several hours and was accompanied by the Public Security Police and the municipality of Amadora. More than 20 years later, the eradication process is finally complete.The last house to be demolished was inRead More...

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Private Educational Center “SANTA ROSA” Dominican Missionary Sisters of the Rosary

The world has been affected by a sanitary crisis, the same one that has hit heavily various sectors. One of them is education, that has gone through difficult situations, affecting public as well as private schools. The private school “Santa Rosa” from Huacho city, has also suffered these hits, but through the work of its members; teachers and administrative and supportive staff have all make efforts to moving forward ourRead More...

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Family kitchen gardens from JPIC in pandemic times

I am Mariana de Jesus Oñate Bayas, an Ecuadorian woman who has been part of the Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas Community for the last 9 months.Briefly, I will share what has influenced me to start the family urban kitchen gardens:I was raised in the countryside. Mi mother cultivated and loved her land.In this year, the Centenary of our Founding Father, we have focused on his experience: “He worked withRead More...

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In-person classes suspension due to the sanitary situation we are currently living and the necessity of guaranteeing the continuation of our students’ learning have imposed challenges on teachers and families. These challenges belong to a curriculum implementation and actions of socio-economic support to families and school staff; new forms for developing pastoral projects; prioritization of competencies; use of technological tools; interactive methodologies; style of organization-communication and adaptation of activities inRead More...

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Centenary of Mons. Ramon Zubieta y Les. O.P.



A woman who left behind her land and securities

“I felt no great enthusiasm…but an irresistible strength that led me to offer myself…”

Ascencion Nicol was forty-five years old when she embraced the missionary challenge proposed by Monsignor Zubieta of going to the Peruvian jungle and being able to contribute her gifts and extensive experience in favor of the education and formation of girls and women from the jungle. The context she will face would be totally different to the school of Huesca. However, her deep fidelity, her restless and attentive spirit to what god wanted for her pushed her to offer her life to the cause of the kingdom.


Missionary in the Philippines

 “Woe to me if I do not preach the gospel!”

Ramon Zubieta, who was eager to preach, lived his first missionary experience in the Philippines. He is an open missionary, who combines faith and human promotion, wishes to embody himself and to know the culture of the communities which he must confront. He learns their languages and customs and spends a lot of time speaking to them. He promotes health, education and improvement in farming.

Due to the independency movements within the region, he was taking as prisoner along with other companions suffering from starvation and torture, but finally he is released.

“The soul that it offers itself as a victim is as if it was telling god: Here I am to comply your will; here I am to suffer, to love, to immolate myself, to keep quiet, to not wish anything that is out of you”

Mother Ascencion Nicol Goñi