Stewards of life…

Our Father/Mother who envelops us with the beauty of your creation

You speak to us with the language of polyphony and diversity.

Your breath of life vivifies us and moves us to embrace each being.

We contemplate how the blossoms of hope grow secretly.

The humble mystery of Mother Earth nurtures your fruitful love.

How can we not unite ourselves to the sacred symphony of creatures!

How can we not care for and defend the magic of your work of art!

Forgive us Lord for you invite us to be sentinels of our Common Home,

but our consumerist selfishness threatens to upset the balance.

We prioritize capital over what is essential, what is immediate over what lasts.

We sully the rivers, we muddy the seas, we foul the air, 

we exploit our mother earth, her cries reach you.

It stirs our conscience, and mobilizes our feet, minds and hearts.

Ignite the passion for the collective, for the synergy of the community.

May we be captivated by the hope that we can still save your creation

from the small and everyday.

Challenge us to weave networks with those who defend the ecosystem.

May no native community be left on the sidelines,

That no one is subjugated and their territories plundered.

May future generations be able to enjoy the beauty

and beauty that your hands modeled.

Make us missionary stewards of all living and sustaining things.


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