Sailing Together

God the Father/Mother of Life


Source of abundant life,

sitting in the canoe

I connect with my fragility

and abandon myself to the mystery

of the ever new, beautiful river,

free, uncontrollable and infinite


River, which whispers the history

of so many navigators

who have sailed it.

that connects us with our matrix

with the charisma that saw us born.

And that cradled Ramón and Ascensión’s dream

of a life of dignity for the native communities,

of a dignified life for the native communities.

River that gives us back the transparency

of the spirit that blows and renews us,

that fertilizes the earth in its path

that makes your children bloom and nourishes them.


River that rejoices with those who

that rejoices with those who immerse themselves in its waters.

that gathers your people

for community fishing.

River crossed by the boys and girls

who come to study.

Current that carries the sick,

navigators and their stories.

River, wounded by the oil spills and by the machinery

by the machinery that extracts your sand.


We get into the canoe and

in Dominican community

we sail the river of the lower Urubamba,

we are linked by the desire to navigate

together with the Amazonian people

to learn from their wisdom

to know how to live,

connected to the beauty of nature,

with their bare feet,

rooted to mother earth.


We do not know what awaits us

on each journey,

we only know that we go with you

and your love awaits us at every port.


Thank you, Lord, because you weave us

with threads of tenderness

like women at their loom.

Thank you for your free welcome

for the yucca and the fish


Thank you Tasorintsi

because we want to embrace you

and listen to your heartbeat

in this sacred land

of the Amazon.


Help us to navigate

with the simplicity of your people,

to join in their struggles

and proclaim your hope.



Sr. Jacqueline Sothers

Itinerant Dominican Community of Kirigueti


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