You’re living by faith?

It’s amazing
How people can live by faith
Without even realizing it
Right now in our home
We’re living by faith
In what the scientists told us
We’re living by faith
In what the virus is telling people
Look at how our actions
Is the result of what we believe?
If we notice everyone is wearing a mask now
When they go to public places
Everybody is washing their hands
Till their skin has changed colours
All because we believe in an invisible thing
That we’ve never seen called a virus
We believe in something that nobody has ever seen
Have we seen the virus no
But we’re wearing a mask, but we’re staying at home
And when we walk by somebody, we walk few feet away from them
Without them knowing, without being offensive
You notice in our psyche
We believe that this virus, can be anywhere at anytime
But when we are in trouble
We’re like god where are you?
We don’t believe that
God can be anywhere at any time but
We have more faith in the virus
That can be anywhere at anytime
Than we do of god
That can be anywhere at anytime
We’re believing in an invisible virus but
Believe in the invisible spirit of god
Believe in the invisible promises of god
Believe in the invisible things
That god said to believe in
Because that what going to cause us
To experience peace and joy and victory
And every area of our life
But we’re walking by faith with a virus
Everybody’s got their cool mask
The skeleton mask, the bank robber mask
Everybody’s got being creative with their mask
And in some ways having some fun with it
We take scientists at their word and yet
The scientists have changed their facts
Multiple times
Now they’re saying masks are essential
If masks worked, then we should all wear
And go back to life, as we had it before
If they don’t work why are we wearing them?
The point is that, we’re taking the scientists word
And yet we examine
And question
And doubt
And challenge
God’s word
God where are you?
God how are you going to meet all our needs?
This is why we need to learn
Living by faith
We kept hearing, the president and governor
We kept hearing these people
Tell about an invisible thing, that we’ve never ever seen
And yet we have faith
That it’s everywhere, all the time
And wherever we go, we may just run into it
And why don’t we believe the same thing
And even use this as a spring board
To believe that
His goodness and his mercy
Will follow us
All the days of our life
Why don’t we expect goodness, and mercy to show up?
We’re expecting the virus to show up
More than we are expecting the goodness and mercy of god
How capable we’re of believing in god’s promises
When we believe a scientist
That gives us inaccurate facts, and then changes the facts
And then we believe in him again
Isn’t funny that their facts change, still we believe them all along
And yet god’s word never changes
And Jesus never changes
He’s the same yesterday, today and forever
So we should believe him
More than what we believe
What the doctor says, what the scientist says
Even when their facts changes
We adapted and believed them, if we did
How much more, should we believe god
And if we didn’t believe the science
Okay that’s fine, because those facts changes
We shouldn’t have a ton of confidence
In the government, in the scientists
We should have a whole lot of confidence
In god’s government
The kingdom of god
The love of god
The promises of god
The word of god.

Baroda Community, Gujarat, India.

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