Our history

Our congregation was born in 1918 in the Peruvian Amazonia next to Madre de Dios River. The cry of the native people did not let our founder -Monsignor Ramon Zubieta- indifferent. Our Founder, who had a great missionary audacity insert himself into the heart of the jungle. From that place, he discovered the urgent necessities of the native people and the injustice they suffer from people who exploited rubber.

Monsignor Zubieta has confidence in the transformative power of women when they are educated, and their dignity is raised. This desire carries him to Spain, where he asks the Dominican sisters to join him in this mission. Mother Ascension Nicol and three other sisters answered his call and she became the first woman who ventures into the Peruvian jungle, where she discovers her new vocation by contacting women and children to whom she will educate and to whom she will share everyday life tasks.

In 1918 our congregation was born as a result of the effort and love that our founders felt for native people, especially for women and the struggle for their dignity.

From the Madre de Dios River flowed the vitality of our Charism towards China, then we extended our presence over different latitudes, having as the only motivation to share our lives with the impoverished and accompany them in their process of liberation.