There are moments in life in which we need to stop and ask ourselves about our life project and about God’s dream for us.

These are moments in which you need to connect yourself with your inner voice that speaks to you from within and that invites you to commit to the cause of the Gospel and to work for a more inclusive, fraternal and human world.


  • Have you asked yourself what’s the purpose of your life in this world?
  • Do you feel sorrow when contemplating the innocent immigrant cry, the sad look of a girl, the cracked hands of a worker or the fragility of a sick person?
  • Do you feel moved by sunset, by a woman who learns to read the bible, by women who organize themselves and sing or by women who are able to meet again with themselves and to dance?
  • Do you feel as a world citizen? Do you find beauty in each human being no matter race and culture?
  • Do you feel God within you, in the face of each men and women, in the cry of the oppressed or in the beauty of flowers?
  • Do you feel joy when sharing your talents and potentiality in community? Do you feel joy when sharing with others your being, your heart?
  • Would you like that Jesus, poor people, our Father and the Kingdom’s love were yours too?


Pay attention, connect to yourself and with God’s beat within you and the humanity.

We -Missionary Dominican of the Rosary- are an option of missionary life. We live in fraternal community and we give our best energy for helping women, children, teenagers, native people and communities to live with more dignity and humanity.

If you feel concern about all this and you wish that we accompany your judgement contact us.