We praise You, dear Father
because you love your people,
and clothe the humble in glory
allowing them to collaborate in your Kingdom.
We thank You, Lord,
for Msgr. Zubieta, the missionary,
chosen according to your heart
in whom you put the Spirit
to be a light in the Amazon,
and voice crying out for your people.
Under his direction and encouragement
evangelization was integral,
because in his heart there was room for everyone,
each with their own needs,
who attended to every detail.
Each with their contribution and their work
felt integrated into the Project;
man and woman, native and missionary,
working for life, the Church, the Kingdom.
Thank you for M. Zubieta the person,
who following the example of Jesus,
overcame the limited visions
that minimized the role of women;
valuing their unquestionable contribution,
for stable family and social change.
Convinced that only women
could help the native woman
to come out of oppression and prostration
in which this society maintained them,..,
turned them into active and firm agents,
of a society that sought to pretend.
Thank you, Lord, for this brother and Father,
who did not impose his ideas and projects,
who began by transmitting the ideal,
and share the missionary journey.
Who knew how to accompany the sisters
in the important moments of their lives,
to be the protagonists of their history,
organize, create and walk together.
Thank you, Lord, for all your gifts,
for M, Zubieta, the first gift,
who was a good father in the Congregation,
together with the sisters who opened the way.
We praise you, Dear Father,
because you love your people.

Sister María Aranzazu Ladrón de Guevara

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