Work areas of the Missionary Dominican Sisters of the Rosary

Missionary Dominican Sisters of the Rosary work in diverse areas depending on the social, political and economic reality in which we are located and the concrete group of people we want to announce the liberator Gospel of Jesus by sharing our lives while walking along with them.

Our areas of work are:


We believe education is the best mean to dignify people so they can build their own destiny and transform their surroundings. This is the reason why we manage schools, kindergartens, technical collages, etc.

Our founders opted on educating native women as main family and social transformation agent.

“I was touched by the jungle women’s situation. From that moment the idea of remedying so much vileness got stuck in my head and heart. I didn’t see any other form of introducing in the mountain ministry the collaboration of the sisters. Only they can penetrate into the souls of these women and reveal their dignity”

Accompaniment of women’s organizations

As women, we believed in women’s potential to undertake growing and changing processes in their communities. We work along with women on prodution workshops, ecological agriculture, cooperatives, etc.


We believe in searching God, human beings, and history’s truth. That is why we develop our theological reflection and we share it in universities and theological centers as a form for announcing God’s life who walks with his people.


We believe that each human being has the right to access a decent health system, to be treated with respectful care and to receive a timely and quality health attention.

Mother Ascencion Nicol took care and looked after native people zealously those who turned to her in search of healing.

Justice, Peace and Caring of God’s creation

We work along with organizations that promote human rights: network against human trafficking, working tables against poverty, migrant assistance.

Accompaniment of Native Amazonian communities

We are faithful to our charisma and that is the reason why we work along with Amazonian communities by supplying human and Christian formation, boarding schools for girls, and visiting communities.

Pastoral accompainment

In every context we are presented, we accompany children, teenagers and adults and we form them for obtaining their sacraments. We provide biblical workshops as well as formation workshops and parenting workshops, among many others.