Traits of the Congregation of Missionary Dominican Sisters of the Rosary


A special charisma congregates us “Evangelize poor people in those missionary situations where the Church needs us more” This charisma was born while on mission and during the encounter with native peoples in the Peruvian jungle. We discovered and experienced God as father/mother in the faces of every brother and sister and the urgency of living as brothers and sisters as well.

We want to bear witness of resurrected Jesus as the first witness of resurrection did. We happily accept the missionary command of making new disciples and be witness of God’s life. We feel surrounded by a cloud of witness, men and women from all cultures, ages and peoples who have made their Jesus words as their own “Go and make disciples of all nations.”

Servant of poor people

Just like our master Jesus Christ, who was a poor person and dedicated his whole existence to serve God’s favorite people, we accept this mission as a gift that commits us to share our lives with the poorest people, accompanying their hopes, struggles and suffering.


In a world where men and women leave their people, we feel ourselves as the people who are sent to break boundaries and differences, because we believe in God’s presence in every town and in horizons and varied search. We are confident of a humanity of new heaven and earth.


In a world where the opportunity of living is denied to thousands of people because of lack of food, education, identity and freedom, we commit -as Jesus did- in the integral liberating work of our towns, preaching and celebrating Jesus´ saving presence. For us, talking about God es talking about the necessity of working for justice and demanding justice.


From the deep contact with God, who wanted to build his dwelling among us, we stand in solidarity with the people who dream of a brighter tomorrow, with every human being who searches, believes and works for a decent and fair life and with every culture that keeps countless wealth and is inhabited by seed of the word.


We discover in Virgin Mary an important model in our discipleship. She is a faithful and brave woman who sings and is happy by God’s presence in her story and the history of her people. She is the one who accompanies and fecunds the hope of communities that have no disciples and she is witness of the emergence of the Holy Spirit.


Silence is the space where God talks to us. It is the experience that joins us and nourishes our life project. As Saint Dominic, we want to talk to God and to talk about God to others.

Seeker of the Truth

It is through study that we discover “The source of hope”, which allows us as community to seek the truth. We need to scrutinize God’s word and human sciences to educate ourselves responsibly in order to serve better.

Gender Awareness

Our spirituality invites us and urges us to enhance our being as women, becoming us aware of the wealth that inhabits in us and the exploitation that many women suffer all around the world. Because of this, we show solidarity with all the women who fight and work for defending and take care of life.