Charisma of the Congregation of Missionary Dominican Sisters of the Rosary


We are a missionary congregation formed by sisters from 22 countries who are present in 21 countries all over the world.

We are believer women bond by Jesus’ dream of a reconciled humanity. Our communities are specially inserted within the heart of impoverished people in order to proclaim the Good News of liberty from slavery and oppression.

We believe in universal fraternity. We believe that it is possible to build another world from diversity and wealth of every people, community and person. For this reason, we live in small communities sharing our life and mission.

We believe in potential liberating of women, spring of life and beauty, knitter of new relationships among human beings, Samaritans of those who suffer, and defenders of threated life.


We seek a fraternal community through study and prayer, which are the necessary lights to discover the presence of God amid our realities, so as to recognize signals of life and shadows that pierces our hurt humanity.

It is God’s word that nourishes out commitment to the Kingdom and drives our initiatives and projects. It is the source of our preaching, announcement and denunciation.

Of the Rosary

In Virgin Mary we recognize a faithful disciple, a worshipper, a selfless, and a working woman, who builds fraternity and is always available. She is attentive to God’s project in History and celebrates and sings “raise the humbles and satisfy hungry people”. Virgin Mary is who inspires our mission, boosting in us tenderness and care that we as women unfold when we accompany people from their cultural and religious diversity.