To what can I compare the strength of a woman? I mean, the inner vigor and zest for life… The courage to face danger to promote and uphold the dignity of such beautiful life.

Where can I find a good model of a life-bearer than a mother ready to give even her very own to bring new life into this planet?

To which can I attribute the unknown sacrifices many women do for love of family and their tender ones? The many mothers and suffering women who were caught up by fire, floods, war, violence, catastrophes and accidents with arms coiled protecting their little ones amid bleeding her life away….

What courage is there to define than to waste one´s life away nurturing or keeping watch a sick member of her home, community or colleague? They are peace lovers for love of family, friends and neighbors, just as the Blessed Mother Mary did in her lifetime.

ONLY WOMEN, do such incredible acts of giving to the last bit, selflessly.

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