Praise from the Amazon

“There is in this region other wealth that is noticeable for the missionary, that good patriots should not ignored: the innumerable native people who live in these valleys.”

“At that time Jesus said in reply, * “I give praise to you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, for although you have hidden these things from the wise and the learned you have revealed them to the childlike.” (Mt 11, 25)

I praise you God the artist,
For the beauty of the Amazon,
The vastness of its rivers,
Its tributaries,
The lush vegetation,
The millenary trees of the glade,
The melodic sings of birds,
Its intricated geography.
Everything is life, fascinating mystery.
Sanctuary of your creation
I praise you for the native people
The biggest wealth of the jungle,
Your beloved children
I praise you for their languages
For their beautiful words
That I am learning little by little.
For their smiles,
the hands of women who spin and weave,
who transform clay.
Their dances and music,
The joy of finding themselves.
I praise you for the simple moments
Shared with the native people,
My heart rejoices happiness
Take care of us Lord,
in every single journey we undertake.
Everything is risk,
And all is for your Kingdom.
You are our companion
Of roads and navigation of rivers
Of this beloved amazon.
Send us brave missionaries,
Who love this mission.
I offer you my Lord
The dream of educating children,
Of communicating to the Amazon,
Of freeing it from anonymity
Of so much abuse and suffering,
Of opening a door for them,
A horizon of a dignified life.
Let the native communities
To know you and through it
They experiment joy and peace.
Let the seeds we are sowing
To germinate
In your Amazon vineyard.


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