To talk about my experience as principal, is to talk about a place that opened its doors to me many years ago: The Educative Institution “De Jesus.” This community -located in Lima, Peru- is about to celebrate its 102nd anniversary during this June. This school is an educative work of the Dominican Missionary Sisters of the Rosary Congregation, which looks for educating children and teenagers through a Christian human vision.

Our country -as many others- is experiencing an unfavorable context since last year; the coronavirus’ pandemic has generated many changes in people’s lives and the educative field is not external to this situation. In my educative work, I had to adapt myself as my coworkers and many teachers did towards an online education; a change that occurred unexpectedly and I am convinced that the vocation we feel gave us the strength that allowed us that this virtuality has helped us to keep on accompanying our students. After this experience, another challenge arouse, which was a proposal full of commitment: to assume the role of principal in the school “De Jesus.” I considered this moment as one of the most important of my life and at the same time, one of the moments with more responsibility to me.

After four months of accepting the responsibility of my new position, I feel grateful to God for the blessings I have received; I express my gratitude towards the Dominican Missionary Sisters of the Rosary Congregation for giving me the opportunity of serving in such prestigious institution.

It is a work that demands a lot of efforts, but it does not depend on just one person. I am happy to share with my coworkers because I consider that through an organized way and collaborative work God is present among us. He allows us to release initiatives, creativity and be able to answer the diverse necessities that arise each day. It is a work that looks for cultivating ethic and social environmental wellbeing in a democratic and inclusive society. In this search of constant improvement and always thinking in a quality catholic school, the educative institution is in a certification process, in which we are fully committed.

I value a lot learning, living experiences, and even the challenging moments during changing and unexpected circumstances, because from all these we always learn. It is a moment of assuming with hope and faith in our Father that better times are coming, that this pandemic will pass and that we could meet again as the Dominican community that we are.

Kind regards,

Nancy Perez Molina

Colegio “De Jesus” Principal

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