Women coexisting with nature: “Family urban vegetable gardens in pandemic times.”

My name’s Maria Eras, I am married, and I have three children. For me, participating in creating vegetable gardens has been important. To know the land, prepare it, fertilizer it, planting seeds and then taking care of them to harvest them is a huge process. Nature teaches us to practice the virtue of patience. At the end, we harvest our own vegetables, for our family, for the community. The contact with the land feeds our body and our spirit.

I am Beatriz Mora, mi experience in the family urban vegetable gardens has been beautiful. I have learned to make seedbeds and to take advantage of spaces to build vegetable gardens at home. In this pandemic time, it has helped me to stay away from worries and anxiety. It has helped me to get out from that confinement and I have shared with my neighbors pleasant and relaxed moments.

I am Nieves, I am Spanish, and I have lived in Ecuador for three years. I am married and I have one child. I always enjoyed working the land. Since I was a little girl, I was curious about where fruits and vegetables came from. It is very beautiful how little by little and under many adversities the seeds grow and grow. With this new experience of vegetable gardens along with other people, I have felt really good, because I am learning more about how to prepare the sowing, the land and to see how they give fruit, it is something wonderful!

Thank you from my heart for allowing me to live great emotions by feeling the land covering and wrapping the seeds to make them germinate and grow.”

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