“I will be a Dominican, the Blessed Virgin likes it!”

Fr. Ramon Zubieta has developed his dream of becoming a missionary at his very young age. His firm decision even surpassed the advice of his aunt Catalina Les who seemed to concern for his academic levels. However, Fr. Ramon Zubieta discovered his missionary spirit along the formation process. He believed in the accompaniment of the Blessed Virgin, at the same time believed in himself. His first missionary experience in the Philippines somehow lead him to realize what is to be the servant of Christ. There is no easy way of living in committing oneself self for the kingdom of God. Fr. Ramon Zubieta fought and defended the rights of the people, especially the poor. In this way, he allowed himself to be taught by the people around him. Likewise, in Peruvian jungles, he learned many more lifestyles such as rubber planters, natives, slaves, and first-class politicians.

Through our imaginations, we can figure out how busy and restless Fr. Zubieta was in the process of developing the Peruvian jungles. Despite all those struggles, he had time for everything. He had time for the sisters whom he brought to the jungles, he had time for consoling the poor, and he had time to negotiate with the politicians. He also had time for drawing Maps, building roads installing telephone lines and above all, he had time for God. Here we can see Fr. Zubieta as a qualified and committed missionary. He became opposite with what his aunt Catalina expected. To be honest, many points attract my admiration for Fr. Zubieta. One of the most concrete examples is his “Availability”. Amid busyness, Fr. Zubieta was able to balance his time for everything.

Realizing our current lifestyle, we are much privileged than the time of Fr. Zubieta and some of our elderly sisters. But what is the difference? We sometimes tend to prioritize our qualifications instead of personal commitment. There is no wrong with being a qualified missionary, the problem is how to be qualified in our commitment. Let’s say I came to the convent to become a sister and after all, I did not live according to my commitment, so what is the use? I am only an academically qualified person not a qualified follower of Christ. Our founders Fr. Zubieta and Blessed Ascension are the concrete examples who had shown us how to balance our ability and commitment. I also admire our elderly sisters who have been serving many years in the mission. Their commitment is where they find strength and happiness. Many times I asked myself, “will I be faithful to my commitment?” Yes! I failed, I am failing and I will still fail in times, but I believe in the corrections of my sisters who are accompanying me. No one is perfect but we all have the chance to strife for our commitment. We all can be qualified and committed missionaries if we understand what is to be a missionary.

By: Themar

Juniora of the Queen Province of China

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