“By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another” (John 13:35).

We were at one table during lunch.  I saw Sr. Aurola coming from her table to us and all of us were calling each other look Santa Aurelia is coming and she looked at us smilingly. Then, she went straight to Sr. Benedicta and started to peel her orange and poured milk on her cup. We were all amazed at them on how they love and care for each other. While watching on them we told each other let us take their picture for these best moments. 

One day Sr. Benedicta was stuck in the elevator for almost thirty minutes, and everyone was worrying about her. Then, after thirty minutes (30 minutes) she arrived all of us run to hug her and asked her how are you?

She was smilingly said I am fine “Gracias”.  A few moments later we saw all our elderly sisters were around her table to accompany her while she was eating.  Looking at their testimony of loving each other, I remembered Jesus words in the Gospel of John 13:35 “People will know that you are my disciples when you love each other”.

What a best example on loving and to caring for each other when one is weak or in trouble. All our elderly sister just stayed around Sr. Benedicta to console her in her trouble moment.

They did not talk much just stay beside her. When St. Mathew was in trouble with heavy responsibility and sins Jesus approached Him with love and looking at his eyes said, “follow me”. Matthew was touched with this lovingly invitation and left everything to follow Jesus.

The testimony of our elderly sisters has touched my heart and opened my mind to reflect that only love unites us.

The pure soul and loving heart of our sisters in Madrid have embraced each of us from Africa and Asian in this European continental. In spite of their business with their assignments they still find time to give us Spanish class. Their love and kindness are immeasurable, and they will always be remembered only with love.

Rosaria, Op. Madrid

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