I trust in the very words of Jesus in Matthew 23: “Ask Me for anything and I will give it.”

Two months ago, I was assigned in this beautiful and mysterious island.

The challenge is to learn. Learn to live as to love.

As time goes by, I observe the challenged and lived the demand of the reality of my new world. It is multicultural and multilingual, and we are to multiply our capacity to what could be seen as a minimum sum of task to take.


The place is enchanting and the people interesting. I see and feel history here. The respect for the founder of most of the organization existing to this day draws back to a figure so hard to deny among all the long list of those who came and made things work. Everywhere, people know a dynamic, hardworking and a visionary Claretian bishop, Jose Maria Querexeta, CMF, DD. His memory lives to this day in the heart of the elders and the young are told that tale of a man who loved the Christians and the Muslims alike.

His beginnings were remarkable. We are working on the same land where he did walk, with the same types of people, though of different ambiance as was in his time. It is now a place to make peace work, to be a witness of unity and coexistence, of resilience and of hope. Hence, we are a reality of what we aim in our very workplace!

Yes, oneness is possible when we do not try to dominate but to treat others as we want to be, to respect others as much as we desire and delve to try to our utmost. Diversity as it is invites us all to a rhythm common for all, is a way to harmony. Surely, it can be attained without expecting others to start but ourselves.  The question is: How can we reach to each other when the gap created by prejudice has been the shield, we embrace each day? Perhaps, the example of listening that Jesus did to the woman caught in adultery is one good invitation to our letting others speak to us, to love them as they are than how we want them to be. Indeed, the quote of Fr. Jose Cristo Rey Garcia Paredes, CMF’s words truly depict this intent: For to be able to love is the greatest grace.

Let us go out into the world to work because we believe in the good that the Spirit encourages and empowers us towards the end.

Nini Rebollos



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