I want to talk about these 4 months, from September 3 until today, highlighting some events that impacted us the most, especially me.

The big day, the inauguration of our house.

We lived the manifestation of God’s grace on September 29, 2023, an unforgettable date, with the different moments that will illuminate our lives: the inauguration of our community that began with the Mass of Thanksgiving and the official presentation to the parish community, followed by the procession. With candles raising the Blessed Sacrament and with the blessing of the house. It was an honor for us because there were so many people who accompanied us and also to live this important moment with all the sisters of the General Council, who worked so hard to make this day happen. We were all overwhelmed with happiness.

Following in the footsteps of our Founders, when arriving in a place, the first thing the Missionary must do is to learn the language, because it is an indispensable element for communicating with the people. While the sisters were looking for a well-known teacher, 15 volunteer teachers (almost all women) quickly came forward. Despite their professional work and family obligations, many of them were mothers, but they sacrificed their free time to give us intensive Spanish classes at the end of their working day. In them we could read the Blessing of God, because they taught with total dedication, full of love, attention, generosity, we never noticed tiredness in them, but they came with joy full of hope and always with a gesture of solidarity in everything. This thrilled us and continues to excite us, given that the reality today, when we talk about work, the most important thing is the salary.

On the other hand, these teachers, in the way they taught us, expressed that the most essential thing for them is love. We want to thank you not only for teaching us Spanish, but also for the teaching we learn from their gestures, which are for us, an invitation to do the same and be, wherever there is a Dominican Missionary.


Rosaria Nafeca

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