Spending time doing good…

Our life are instants
Starry in the sea
At times intense, at others peaceful,
when we feel our hearts burning
and other times, darkness embraces us.
Encounters and goodbyes.
We weave the daily life
with the threads of our fragile and sacred humanity.
We walk with our own and others’ wounds,
we mend, we begin again.
Again and again you resurrect our hope.
Like you, Lord, we want to
to pass with meaning, doing good
Leaving the trace of your tenderness,
your gaze, your closeness.
Mother Ascension
You who passed by doing good
to the sons and daughters of the jungle.
Intercede for us,
for the mission entrusted to us,
For our wounded peoples,
For the Congregation without borders
that we may know how to weave together sisterhood
and weave new stitches
from the logic of small gestures
and the little ones of history.

Sister Jacqueline Sothers, MDR

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