Our country is currently going through a very difficult, complex and problematic situation; we live in a hybrid society with drops of democracy and torrents of dictatorship, which generate various types of violence such as political, social, economic, criminal and even family violence, the increase of unemployment and poverty, the permanent loss of values and the growth of corruption at all levels, phenomena that have been affecting the physical and mental health, coexistence and dignified life of the Peruvian population and particularly of our families.

This situation has its origin in the disrespect for justice, peace, welfare and dignity of human beings by those we elect as rulers, but also by ourselves, the citizens who are the first power of the state, the constituent power since in the face of this unjust situation, we act with indifference, excessive tolerance and lack of moral and social awareness. We have neglected the practice of values and ethics, which we should promote from home, likewise we do not promote initiatives to address this problem. Therefore, there is a great need to find spaces to reflect, to meet with peers and others in order to find different ways out, alternative paths, meetings that help us to rethink our actions as citizens, parents and students, we want a better future, so let’s head in this direction.

For this important reason, it is time to postulate from the basis of our Christian faith, as described in the Holy Scriptures (Luke 24, 13 to 35, “the road to EMAUS”) the encounter with Jesus that mitigates our sadness and discouragement: the coexistence that encourages us and reminds us that Christ has not died and that he is present in our lives and in our daily actions, for this premise the Center of Spiritualities “EMAUS” is the space for reflection and encounter on our current reality, on our inner life, on our coexistence with our neighbors, consciously assuming our daily actions based on values.

The EMAUS Spirituality Center offers us the opportunity to be accompanied in the strengthening, reflection and deepening of listening skills, self-listening, proper management of our emotions. To resolve conflicts using tools such as active listening, assertive communication, non-violent communication, empathy and tolerance, and the development of moral and ethical thinking and the practice of values as well as leadership for personal and family growth that allow the family meeting. Between parents and children, through conferences and workshops, as well as personal accompaniment, which as a consequence highlight our commitment to solidarity, the exchange of ideas and learning from each other. We work accordingly, for a world where all people live together in peace and justice on the basis of our Christian faith for a dignified life for all people following the path of EMAUS.

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