In the book of heaven, a page glow

with the story of a life that blossoms in love.

Blessed Ascension messenger of grace,

your beatification is for all, a message of praise.


Today your gifts shine like stars

and with the light of faith, you illumine our hearts.

With gentle hands you alleviated pain

and with generous words you infused love.


O beloved Blessed!

How you radiate goodness in your gaze

In your gestures, peace, and in your soul, humility.

Your beatification is such a divine gift.

That it will last forever in the Heavenly Kingdom.

In your immense heart, there is a great garden…

where the fruit of love is harvested

with the grace of our Lord.


Blessed Ascension, guide for our journey

with your legacy of fraternity that will accompany us forever.


Karla del Socorro Rodríguez Tinedo

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