By using this title my dear sisters, we want to share with you the different tasks we have in our community (Nuestra Senora del Rosario) and the joy and love that characterizes each of us when serving others. These tasks are cooking and liturgy.

Each of the tasks is developed from Sunday to Saturday by us in groups of two members each (one sister and a postulant or two postulants). This allows us to feel as members of the community and to awake inside of us a responsibility and co-responsibility. Despite the weight of some tasks, such as cooking and liturgy, we do everything we can to give the best from us. Cooking is heavy, but to succeed, we think about our mothers, who burn themselves every day for saving their home. That helps us not to surrender.

In relation to the liturgy, which is also like cooking, we are learning with the help of our elder sisters to prepare it a week in advance, including divine service and singing the psalms.

It is true my sisters, there are days in which singing the psalms is difficult, but that does not discourage us, because we tell ourselves that once we took this path, there is no rock or bush that will make us to go backwards. On the contrary, it gives us the courage for making a bigger effort for succeeding, even rehearsing the night before to the liturgy if necessary.

Thank you dear sisters for reading what we tell. We will write to you again soon.


Postulant from Cameroon.

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