“Education and evangelization are today -more than ever before- interrelated” O.P.

We are in the middle of a pandemic, which undoubtedly will remain in our retina for many more years; the pandemic has brought a series of adaptations within society, such as knowing adequately our emotions, reflecting on a social level, questioning our educational commitment and to recognize the responsibilities that we as educators cannot overlook.

Today, in times of crisis, we are called to know ourselves emotionally in integrity, to recognize our emotions: fears and sadness; to recognize stages of personal growing; to be resilient; to be able to answer the needs that our students show us.

To be an educator leads us to this dualism and to be able to recognize not only our reality, but also the ones from our neighbor: our students.

To keep our vocational pact; service vocation for all our students and defenseless families, from whom we know their realities, it affects us not to be able to see them to deliver to them a smile, a hug, a “Good morning”, “see you soon”, “How are you?”, the bow that must provide hope and to continue our commitment with education even more in these times of crisis; we need to know how to look beyond our own reality and to think in our neighbor’s reality; to know that we are school for some girls and home for others, where they can find the accompaniment that sometimes is not present at home.

The importance of faith’s power, in adversity times, from which sometimes we question ourselves, makes us to grow every time in each adversity we face, allowing us to be true disciples of Jesus Christ with Dominican spirit, encouraging us to keep a powerful faith and pray as we see the signals that God shows us in each action, in each road we take and which undoubtedly help us to comfort our souls, the love towards our work, our community, our identity, our Christian being, to emphasize our service vocation, i.e.: “To give continuity to the word that sends us towards knowledge and learning of true.”

Angela Herrera Tapia

Nuestra Señora de Ayquina School

Calama, Chile.

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