The Novitiate is the great stage of our religious life for various reasons; we have a brilliant teacher, selfsame human, even though he did not stop working, he continuously have time to listen to them who called upon him.

It is such a significant privilege to be a part of Missionary Dominican Sisters of the Rosary. In these present circumstances we have been guided by our formators to learned and know more about the life of our dear, Father Ramon Zubieta.

As we journey with him by reading and learning about his missions and the experiences that he had encountered with, during his life time, and the sharing of the sisters who have been living for so many years and had widen the path for the new generations missionary, it inspires us, and molds our hearts and minds to stay strong to face whatever challenges, to live on in our vocation.

We know that it is unquestionable the magnificent personality of our father founder, his fearless characteristic, his sincere effort, his compassionate and everything which admiring us and lead us into appreciation that summons us to continue his missions today at this very day.

He never gave up anything in any situations that he encountered, because he knew that, his vocation belongs to Christ. The challenges he faced along the way are not meant to make him silence and just spend the rest of his days and life on the service of our LORD, he was very sensitive about the life of our poor brothers and sisters. The challenges spread on his paths are meant to test his determination, to see if he was made of stronger with the spirit of Christ.

Thank you, father founder, for having the vision, courage and determination to create a congregation. That in these last hundred years a new history has been lived by a big number of Religious Consecrated Women in many countries of the world. Your spirit is here among us, very much alive walking with us. We will continue reflecting your life of self-giving, fighting for justice, trying to serve and not to be served being in my own little way real instrument of peace.

Thank you for having a dream which has turned into our present reality to live and to care for the rest of humanity.

Cacilda De Fatima Soares and Bernadetha Abuk

Asian Con- Novitiate Philippines

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