I am Erlitha Trajano Conde. My student life in primary school were at the Sepahua boarding school, which is administrated by the Dominican Missionary Sisters of the Rosary. Then, I attended Lambeyeque’s residence, which is also dependent of the sisters. Here, I studied business administration. I have lived a very beautiful experience and, I have had the opportunity of preparing myself professionally in Sepahua as well as in Lambeyeque.

Some months ago, the sisters gave me the opportunity of accompanying young girls of Sepahua’s boarding school. I accepted it and I became in charge of this responsibility since April.

The girls of the group are from different native peoples (Yine, Machinguengas, Ashaninka, and Kakinte). It was an easy task because although they are from different cultures, I know their traditions since I am a native myself. I am a young woman from Ashaninka people. Each culture has its own wealth, and this makes coexistence interesting and formative.

They are students from 12 to 17 years old, who are studying from 1st to 5th year of secondary school. The experience I lived as a resident provides me some elements for accompanying these girls now.

One of the different aspects between now and my own time here is that all the girls have their own technological devices (tablets, smartphones) for their online classes.

I am very happy for the opportunity I was given by the Dominican Missionary Sisters of the Rosary for living this experience.

Erlitha Trajano.

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