20th of May

Through the Eucharist, we initiated the new day with thanksgiving to God and, in journeying with Sister Imaculada from Angola who lost a dear aunt, Maria Victoria.

On this day, we continued with the works on Missionary Creativity. We are invited to share with spontaneity and in a free manner, our current feelings or sentiments which lies within us. Also, a reminder of the morning reflection, the words of Pope Francis in His message to the Consecrated Life which states: we wake the world up, putting Christ as the center of our existence. We need to go out of our nests towards the peripheries, that is why, let us allow to be found in Christ.

We carried on with the revision of the objectives and actions for MISSION, in the same manner of reflection and a series of participation.

In the afternoon, we went on revising processes and implications of the different types of missionary sending and experiences of the sisters among provinces.

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