11th of June

After a great a journey together, in which we have shared dreams, hopes, challenges and commitments, we have reached the end of our XXI General Chapter: “Interculturality, Gift for Life and Mission”. The sending off words of our sister Raquel Gil, General Coordinator, closed this event. These words of gratitude were addressed to all the capitular sisters, sisters of the Congregation and all those who contributed to making this chapter a reality to run its course as possible. She exhorted us to “put soul, life and inspiration into it, so that General Planning may be an instrument at the service of life and the common good”.

Fray Javier Carballo, OP, accompanied us in the Eucharistic Celebration. He reminded us on this Feast of the Holy Trinity, the Presence of the Holy Spirit as the “Carer”, “Caregiver”, or the “Custodian” of life, encouraging us to also be caregivers of life from the richness of the cultural diversity of our Congregation.

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