I thought of all the blue skies of my post-novitiate that the experience of community life and mission had in store for me. Also, I was very happy to know that I would have to do the Intercontinental Juniorate. From that day on, I could not wait to go there in spite of the process of waiting for the trip.

This beginning does not prevent me from telling you, dear sisters, that I am very happy for this opportunity that the Congregation gives me to experience, live and strengthen my missionary spirit. My encounter with other cultures is a great adventure, a richness, an opportunity. Give me an assuring and strong hand to follow the road to the world.

The amazing thing is that we are a group of juniors of eight nationalities, all foreign to each other, to the language and to the environment. And little by little, our Spanish is consolidating from our gestures and the mixture of our different languages: English, French and Portuguese. But this does not prevent us from living, flourishing, communicating, exchanging ideas, etc. Thanks to our actions we learn to make everything, life and mission.

APAR JEM, by then Spain

mes misionero 2
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