I would like to share something about the Christmas experience here in Aldaia. Just as we in our different experiences, we celebrate with all Christians the great joy of the Birth of the Child. But at the same time it was to say that it was a different Christmas, different in the preparation in which we collaborated and participated as a community:

The Novena of the Immaculate Conception, in which one of the days we prepared the Eucharist; the carols in which all the groups of the parish participated, and we, in the different languages, also brought our joy to the children and to the church, as it was full. Even in this preparation,

We also wanted to show our solidarity with the people who helped us so much. Our whole community was dedicated to making postcards to thank so many good works of Aldaia.


Speaking of the celebration itself, we celebrated with great joy the midnight mass, very well attended by the presence of many Christians and followed by an invitation to the Municipal Plaza to sing Christmas carols and have a typical drink to cheer us up and express the joy of the Birth of all Aldayans.

I was very moved by the sense with which people celebrate Christmas, not so much with shopping and gifts, but with their spirit of unity, taking advantage of this time to practice solidarity, love, visiting and spending time with their families.


Even during the Christmas holidays, the Day of the Three Kings stood out, which in my country and in other countries, is a time when people celebrate Christmas with a spirit of unity is not celebrated with this intensity. The Vespers procession, magnificent with thousands of people present in the streets and above all the moving looks of the children at the thought of seeing the arrival of the Kings. Here too, the unity with which everyone lives this celebration was evident. The kings were received in the church by the parish priest, followed by the adoration of the Child in the municipality, where they were received with the same respect by the local mayor.


I could have shared so many other gestures of solidarity and friendship that we received, but I think the ones I tried to tell were very significant and marked our life as beginners in Aldaia and will remain forever in the construction of our history.

On behalf of ALDAIA, we thank you for your support and prayers of brotherhood.

I end by thanking God, our Father and Protector, and the Congregation, who gave me this opportunity to live a new experience in my MDR formation that I hope to continue with the same joy and commitment.

From the bottom of my heart I say to God:


Rosaria Nafeca


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