I would like to share some of my missionary experiences in Taiwan. I have been in Taiwan for seven months now. The community where I live collaborates in some pastoral works such as visiting the sick, giving communion to the elderly and teaching catechism. I am helping the sister in her works together with some lay faithful at the same time I am learning Chinese. Apart from this, once a month I go to the mountain where the indigenous people are, participate in the Eucharistic celebration with them and help the priest to distribute communion and visit the elderly at home.

Our mission is to bring people closer to God, to help them in their spiritual growth, to teach people that God is love that is not exclusive but for all. Today, we are called to be an instrument of peace, love and joy by enlightening the power of God’s Spirit in each one of us. Working with some lay faithful, I realized that God calls us not to work individually but always in collaboration with others and to see God’s grace and goodness in the lives of others.

I am slowly trying to adapt to this unfamiliar place, particularly the language and culture. Fortunately, there are people around me who are brave, supportive and helpful.

I am fortunate to have loving and caring people, as I sometimes encounter challenges and difficulties. But love for these people and love for the mission do not stop me, to continue with God’s will. With my limitations and imperfections, I try my best in everything I encounter. As St. Paul said in his letter to the Corinthians: “Love is patient, endures all things”. To be a missionary is to love wherever we are and whomever we meet. All these experiences teach me to recognize the little things in me, to recognize the presence of God who is with the people, to proclaim the Gospel of the good news to everyone without tiredness, but with a joyful heart.

Mari Anna

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