It was last Sunday that the Youth March took place.  They were from zone 3 of the Archdiocese of Maputo, from Albasine to Marracuene on a route of about 25 km. As a Portuguese volunteer in the Missionary Dominican Sisters of the Rosary, I had the opportunity to experience this very spiritual and lively meetings of young people.

The walk was easy, it started with a moment of prayer and then we went on pilgrimage. We were a very large group, all in prayer: some sang songs of praise, others prayed individually, and I cannot forget the good conversations.

Along the way, we had stops, where we presented short reflections on current issues that which are of interest to young people: such as drugs and drinking spree, daily temptations, the way of salvation, among others. All these moments gave those who saw them the opportunity to reflect because they were presented in a theatrical or poetic way.

On the way, we crossed with the population, the sun was not strong enough, but it burned, and we came across an irregular road full of sand that shows how the road is not always easy. Upon arrival we had our rest time and lunch to replenish our strength which was followed by the Eucharistic celebration.

The march was attended by thousands of young people, it had a great adhesion reminding me a little of the days I lived in the World Youth Day in Lisbon 2023. The joy, the union of prayer and fellowship help us to experience the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

My favorite moment was the final Mass, the church was full of young people singing with strength and deep joy to praise our Lord. I have always been told that to sing is to pray twice, which I see a lot in these songs where I don’t understand everything, but I feel the emotion in those who sung.

At the moment of Thanksgiving, we ran out of electricity and yet, we did not fail to live this moment, it was a very endearing Mass which reflected much of what African culture is and how it really is a great treasure.

 Maria Saki

Volunteer in Mahotas,


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