The arrival of November brings the charm of the beginning of the month of Mary, which is very important for our country.

This month is being celebrated in the middle of a social outbreak, which is a product of tremendous inequality, low salaries, bad quality health, very poor pensions and very expensive medicines, among many other factors.

Just like Israel walked through the desert amid difficulties, our country is in the dynamic of walking and dreaming a better future, paying attention to God’s words and trusting that at the end of this, we will be able to observe positive results of these demands. We could see a fairer and more dignified future for all of us.

As a Missionary Dominican of the Rosary I was delighted by the invitation that was made in the “San Alberto Hurtado” Chapel in Antofagasta, Chile, for making something different, why not to go out to meet other people? That was how we got on board in this missionary service along with Mrs July Navarrete, who organized daily activities for the families we were going to visit.

I’m grateful for those who opened their houses’ doors and shared with us from their simplicity, reception and opening.

Reflecting God’s word helps us to have hopes as well as searching among all of us new horizons that allow us to rise from this social outbreak that looks for a more dignified life style for everybody.

As it always happens, I have been surprised by our people’s hunger and thirst of God. Many people have distanced themselves from the Church as institution, but mother Mary, the great evangelist calls us.

At the beginning of each meeting, we invited the family who took us in to write at the back of the image of the Virgin Mary the names of the people who they wish to keep in their prayers.

I am gratefully surprised that everybody expands their heart by asking for those who they don’t know. In addition, there is always a prayer in relation to what we are living as a country, where people ask for having the right of living in peace.

In every meeting we held we rediscover Mary, that faithful woman who welcomes and accepts us “Let it be to me according to your word” (Luke 1, 38). It is identified on her the joy that provokes to the family, husband, children and grandchildren who are grateful of life despite hardship.

In moments of darkness remember Mary, who under the cross gave her son Jesus. These women live the Calvary of low pensions and salaries, expensive medicines…

Through this way, while we visit them, we have had the experience of this Chapel’s community, who bravely have asked the priest his authorization for welcoming people who have been hurt during confrontations between the police and demonstrators.

Finally, these people experiment Mary, the simple, helpful and working woman who provides hopes to those who are oppressed and who gave us Jesus, her son, to continue her way with optimism, wishing to say by themselves “Let it be to me according to your word”

Sister Yery Aguirre Veas.

Madre del Rosario Community


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