A part of the seed fell on good land…

We, the sisters of San Martin de Porres community, continue our pastoral work in Namacurra mission.

This mission was originated by the proposal of our Quelimane Bishop, Hilario da Cruz Massinga, who asked a missionary to collaborate and accompany Namacurra mission, which is more than 300 kms from Quelimane where we lived. There was nobody to evangelize 50 christian communities there.

This year, we have taken this new pastoral community as “our new mission”. We visit it once a month to participate and collaborate in pastoral activities and Eucharistic celebrations. In the first semester of 2019 many educational meetings of all levels were planned for different groups: teenagers, children, communitarian leaders, committee leaders and diversified services that are present there, such as extraordinary ministers of communion, ministers of hope, Caritas, charismatic movement leaders and all the community in general.

Meetings were divided into three sections: North zone, Suth zone and Center zone. Participation was positive and participants expressed their gratitude for participating in these educational meetings.

All of us felt stronger and renewed. During the formation, it was notable to discover the thirst and hunger of formation that our believers possess. they expressed the need of going in depth even more their growth in faith promoting more formation meetings. We have found that many symbols and gestures used in liturgical celebrations are not understood or our Christians do not understand their meaning.

They need more education and accompaniment in their Christian life.

We accept this challenge, though we feel limited. We look for making our best effort in this work of announcing God’s word in these peripherical communities that wish to renew and grow in faith. “May God protects us” May Jesus, the first missionary of our Father, will accompany and Mary, Mother of Missions, encourages us and comforts us with his maternal affection.

Sister Angelica Amaral

São Martinho de Porres Community


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