When I study about your life I was amazed at how you comforted the natives who need your comfort amidst the hardship that you face.

You embrace the mission with all your heart even it includes moments of laughter and tears, works and struggles and by all means, you use your heart in a special way. You share the fruits of your contemplation with the natives by uplifted their dignity as children of God. You enter into their level with your golden heart and became their friend in an amazing way.

A great preacher, you show to the natives and those around you the image of God as a loving and caring father by your life preaching. You never tire of fulfilling God’s will.

A creative missionary, you go out from your comfort zone and applied your creative skills and talents in a very effective way, therefore you were able to work in poor places with limited resources and eventually you make progress in the poor places and bring joy and happiness to the poorest. You use your mind in powerful ways and it became the delight of your soul.

A Joyful friar, your enthusiasm to work in the kingdom of God has put a great impact on the life of many souls. You never stop seeking the Lord and his plan until your last breath.

I am proud and very proud to have you as my father’s founder, thank you so much for being one of my inspirations to say YES to Christ sincerely and with trusting in the Lord that God alone has the wisdom to provide clear direction for my life.

I am sure that those who study and know your life will automatically fall in love with you.

Fr. Ramon, intercede for all of us that we may become an authentic missionary as you are.

By: Rosita Carvalho da Costa

Novice of the Province of San Luis Beltran

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