MDSR, part of our family’s success.

The Missionary Dominican Sisters of the Rosary is a religious congregation with a purpose, helping people who are in need. One of those people they were able to help is my father named Apolonio D. Solis. They were the helping hand and the door to my father’s success in his career. Without them, my father would not have been able to finish his studies and became who he is now. My father had been a working student since he started studying in 1985 in Western Mindanao State University- Main in Zamboanga City. He was a worker in a convent where the Dominican sisters live, and he was their guitarist every time they had holy mass. He became one of their trusted helpers and served them wholeheartedly. As an ambitious person that aims to finish his studies, he finally graduated as a Secondary High School Teacher with the help of this congregation.

Full of gratitude and wanting to return the favor, he accepted the offer of teaching in a school managed by the Missionary of Dominican Sisters of the Rosary. Pursuing his teaching career, he became a faculty member of Loyola High School in Olutanga, Zamboanga Sibugay administered by the Dominican Sisters. Thus, in the year 1990 he started teaching in Loyola High School. He served in this school for almost six years, and within those years of teaching, he met my mother, Maria Jocelyn Saavedra-Solis who is also a teacher in this school.  My mother has been a teacher in Loyola High School since 1991 up until the present time. She started her teaching career as a kindergarten teacher.  She has been teaching and serving Loyola High School for 29 years now. She’s been thankful and contented for all the opportunities they had offered to her.

My father and mother are happily married and have two children. With their first-born child they named him Dane Dominic Saavedra Solis, his second name “Dominic” was named after the congregation Dominican Sisters and one of the saints that happened to be my father’s first advisory class in Loyola High School. My brother, Dane Dominic graduated in Zamboanga City State Polytechnic College as a Marine Engineer. During his high school years, he graduated with honors in Loyola High school last 2011. Following my brother’s footstep, I also graduated with honors in Loyola High School last 2014.

I am Dezza Lee Saavedra Solis, the second child of Apolonio and Maria Jocelyn. Being their daughter, I inherited the passion for teaching; therefore, I followed the path of becoming a teacher. I graduated as Bachelor of Secondary Education in Western Mindanao State University (Main) in Zamboanga City last 2018 and started working in Saint Joseph School Foundation Inc., a school in Zamboanga City which is also managed by the Missionary Dominican Sisters of the Rosary.

Our family has always been full of gratitude towards the Dominican Sisters since they have contributed a lot and have been influential to our family. They have been special to us and play an important part, especially to my father for without their help, our lovely family would never have been possible.

Dezza Lee Saavedra Solis

Faculty member, St Joseph School, Zamboanga


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