Ascension Nicol, you are the beautiful flower that stands out in the morning; you are the joy that God send into the world 155 years ago. In your early life you inspired the people, attracted them with your capacity, gave such fragrance as a rose, and made people feel free to approach you. Your beautiful eyes became the light to guide you and others in the darkest time. Your sweet smile brought out the love of God to people around you.

Ascension Nicol, you are a firm woman in all your decisions, like a tree very deep roots into the soil, that amid strong winds would never fall. You dedicate your life to the decision that you have taken to follow Christ, and you follow Him with all your heart and soul, for you Jesus is like the water that you always need, as the flowers that cannot grow without rain.

Ascension Nicol, your strong spirit made you respond once again to the invitation of God as a new vocation for you, like the tree which grows roots. For later in life, you let yourself be a missionary, the first missionary in the jungle. Ascension, for the poor in Maldonado, you were the key which opened the door and led them to know the God whom you love and have experienced His presence. Your work for the kingdom with your sincere heart to answer to those particular situations they found in need of help, there, you walked with them step by step towards the kingdom.

Blessed Ascension Nicol, your enthusiasm to work for the people of God to bring their dignity and to uplift them in society, is the great love that you have for the one who called you (JESUS) and entered into His plan as the Blessed Mother Mary did. The love that you have for Him cannot be measured for it was as wide as the sea and as high as the sky. You allowed yourself to be recipient of His love that God gave you the freedom to shed it on to others freely.

Ascension Nicol, your strong in faith aided you as you took all the risk to have traveled into the jungle of Maldonado, a place not known to you as it was then a dangerous place of high cliffs and steep mountains. Your courage has made you feel that you must cross the rivers, must climb mountains either by by horse, by canoe, etc., Truly, Blessed Ascension, you left all behind… your career before as a teacher in a big school, a nice place and you enter into a small village surrounded by big trees where there seemed to be no place for you, yet, through all that and in all things, you see God.

Ascension Nicol, your welcoming heart made the people feel the warmth of God’s love. You accept all people who need you and all who have struggled in life. Your self-giving is like the cocoon turning into butterfly which by then, freely flies to show the beauty of its wings to cheer the weary in life. Your simplicity like the flowers that grow together in the garden among others. Indeed, in the eyes people you were not so special. As your sisters, we are grateful to God for your example from which we feel the joy, the love, the care you have shown to many in your lifetime. Mother Ascension Nicol you are our model, you are our inspiration and our hope. Teach us to be a true follower of Christ in the world today. To bring our joy of believing in a living God to give and be hope in every place, we are present.

Guilhermina da Silva do Rego

East Timor

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