Sister María Jesús Mompó was born and raised in Ollería, a town south of Valencia, Spain, along with her three brothers, she was the eldest. She arrived in the islands of Puerto Rico in 1961 with the Congregation of the Missionary Dominican Sisters of the Rosary to carry out her mission as a registered nurse. She worked for almost six decades at Pavia Hospital in Santurce, Puerto Rico.  In addition to her work as a nurse at the Hospital, she worked as a chaplain, in charge of educational audiovisual services and photography. Until the COVID 19 pandemic arrived, she drove her vehicle to spend the whole day giving love to people in the hospital, not only sick people, but all those who worked there.

Maria Jesus resided for a long time in a town in Puerto Rico called Gurabo, in the Diocese of Caguas, and there she also did pastoral work in the community in Catechesis and Youth. It was from her work in this diocese that she became more committed to the social causes of our country, a colony of the United States.

Maria Jesus made peaceful civil disobedience, so that the U.S. Navy would leave one of the islands of our archipelago called Vieques and the people could live in peace.

She has also dedicated her time to fight for the freedom of our people and their unjustly imprisoned political prisoners, in favor of the environment, impoverished people, women victims of violence. In short, she has dedicated herself to all the causes of our country that want to improve the lives of the people. Much of his time has also been dedicated to working with the Committee of Solidarity with the people of Haiti. For many years she collaborated with the Justice and Peace Commission of the Conference of Religious of Puerto Rico.

She was appointed by Bishop Ruben Gonzalez to be the spiritual advisor of a group of lay men and women in the Diocese of Caguas, called War Against Hunger (now Red de Esperanza y Solidaridad-REDES). With this group she is dedicated to providing formation on Social Doctrine, seeking funds for development projects and accompanying groups and communities dedicated to seeking better living conditions.

In a small book that REDES made to honor the life of this sister, Bishop Ruben Gonzalez says about Maria Jesus: “Thank you, sister and friend, for being as you are, ‘a woman clothed with strength and dignity, who smiles before tomorrow, who opens her mouth with wisdom and her tongue teaches kindness,” said the Bishop dedicating these words from the book of Proverbs to Maria Jesus.

With 93 years of life, Sister Maria Jesus continues to be a faithful follower of Jesus, a witness of his Love and Commitment. 

By Lucy Magali Millán Ferrer

Founder and President of REDES

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