We are the novices of the 2nd year, we begin the novitiate on February 24, 2022, Feast of Our Mother Foundress Ascension Nicol. In February 2023, we started our second year of novitiate with great expectation and illusion. We hope that at this very time of our journey, it will offer us opportunities to continue our vocational journey with enthusiasm.

During the previous year, many experiences were lived, such as: the intensification of our interpersonal relationships; a community experience with greater openness based on the constant practice of forgiveness, fraternal love and freedom of expression and also in overcoming wounds; and the approach to the God of Jesus, from where we are called to live as MDR.

Taking into account the General Formation Plan of the Congregation, we have had formations at various levels: ecclesiological, theological, Christological, psycho-spiritual, congregational, social as well as personality development; and other subjects which have helped us to deepen, know and understand life in its different dimensions; to have a deeper and more open look at the new paradigms of life and to perceive formation as a dynamic process.

We are also integrated in the pastoral centers to create closer relationships with the people helping them in what they need, from catechesis, accompaniment of groups and movements, collaboration in Sunday liturgical services and others.

Taking into account that our mission is to reach out to the most needy, as part of our evangelizing task, and because we are a Congregation ready to go and reach out, on Sundays we make visits to the families in our neighborhood, to know the reality of the people around us, to participate more actively in the lives of people and share with them their day to day life. We are very enthusiastic in our formative process and motivated to make a path of confrontation with the challenges that today’s reality presents us, from our Congregation’s Charism and spirituality.

After a year of journey, we value the presence of God and our Founders present in our formation process. In this month in which we celebrate the beatification of Mother Ascension, we feel that she continues to make her way with us. It is a grace, marking with her the important steps, that her spirit continues to accompany, guide and protect us.

We thank all the sisters for their accompaniment and affection. Receive our strong embrace.

The novices of the 2nd Year

Delma Esteves, Fatima Yambi and Isabel Lote

Viana – Angola

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