When we celebrated calendar year 2020 on its first day of the year, positive energy fills our hearts for it is double 20, “a perfect sight”, an optometrist approves. It is indeed a positive nudge for a prosperous year, believing also that this, too, for a better perspective to live by. 

One school year counting starts by June to March, ten months complying the Education Department requirement of 195 to 200 school days. This year, perceived to be a lucky year, have not completed this prescribed school days because Covid-19 invaded the whole world and changed everything.

On its onset, it made everybody stay at home for the first month as the government proclaimed, “a total lockdown and community quarantine.” One month was not enough and so, another month was needed to impose same restrictions. School year ending falls on the month of March and as a result, there was no final exam, recognition day and not even the Commencement Exercises for the graduating classes. Though this did not affect much the school system, despite that there were less than 15 days of academic days and yet, the students are qualified for “promoted status” in each grade level.

April and May as we know, are summer vacation months but they were the most critical months in dealing with this Covid-19 pandemic. Each government and civil departments were trying their best to alleviate the situation and to solve this global problem. Then came the decision of the Department of Education to open schools in August amidst exponential increase of reported Covid19 cases. In effect, parents remain reluctant and apprehended to enroll their children even there are protocols, new guidelines, safety measures and new modes in the educational system. It was indeed appreciated how each of the government department strove to come up with a response and brainstormed in finding new ways to bring about education, sustenance, and life support to the citizens.

Simply and honestly saying, our school could not afford and hardly cope the challenging demands for this new mode in bringing education to the students. This new system entails tough teachers’ training, additional facilities in the school and internet access of each pupil and students. But the greater challenge is a very limited enrolment even to this date when we are supposed to be starting school in full swing.

We are hopeful that there is a way for us to help bring out the desired education for our future people as a continued service to both the evangelization and development of our people. May Escuela Dominicana as a mission school, continue to be of help to the young and their future, bringing hope and Gospel values in our society. 

Sr. Ma. Melinda R. Sienes



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