5th of May 2022

We’ve brightened the new day with a communitarian prayer.

Today, we have come together to welcome the experience of our sisters from the Iberian Peninsula. Sister Raquel Gil, our General Coordinator, introduced the process taken up to this time by the communities of the Province of Santo Domingo, those of Santa Catalina Province (Portugal) and the houses led by the General Curia, the search for solutions which correspond to these realities and common needs, like the following:

  • Care for the elderly sisters, sick and fully dependents.
  • Lack of sisters for the service of animation at the local and provincial level.
  • Lack of sisters to be in the schools “colegios”
  • Desire for revitalization of Europe

Sister Raquel reminded of the wise passage of St. John XXIII: “Let us simplify that which are complicated and not complicate what is simple”. We are told that we´ve got the challenge of facing realities from a hopeful perspective, that, “we have two options, to transit or to act.” So, we decided to act.

Maricarmen Sagardoy, Vicar General and delegate to the Province of Santo Domingo and the houses under the guidance of the Curia, along with Sister Deolinda de Jesus Rodriguez as delegate of the Province of Santa Catalina (Portugal), both, have presented the realities of the communities of Spain and Portugal.

They were very thankful, specially, for the support of the sisters who accompanied and still are, accompanying in the different facets of the infirmaries of the communities. During the period of the pandemic, we share with great sadness the demise of our dear sisters.

Rosa Jaso and Arancha Iraizoz, consultants from JPI, presented to the assembly, informed, and explained the management of the works entrusted to them and the kind of intervention they have taken in the varied situations of the communities. This support towards the sisters had been profoundly valued due to their closeness, efficiency, and compromise in every moment.

Looking at the present reality the whole day, today, Sister Raquel commented on the process of consultation and dialogued which were realized with all the sisters of the communities implied. The dose of solution found for these sisters must be approved, in the General Chapter, for which the proposal was subdued for votation. The proposal was: “suppress the Province of Santo Domingo and the Province of Santa Catalina and to pass these communities a part of the houses led by the General Curia”. This proposal was fully approved by the Chapter Members.

Some of the Chapter members from Spain and Portugal, expressed their tranquility and conformity to this decision, even though they are moved affectively by the closure of these two Iberian Provinces as both are the oldest ever founded. Let us be reminded that these provinces were erected in 1939, during the last Chapter ever participated by Ascension Nicol as General of our Congregation. We thank the long list of sisters of these Provinces, for their care invested in the missionary commitment in the different continents throughout history.

That the hope we bear that something will be born, will inspire us from deep within.  

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