18th of May

The first Christian communities went to Jerusalem to share, in synodality with all the apostles, their missionary life, triumphs, difficulties and new challenges. In this Chapter, we likewise have undertaken this journey to share experiences, preoccupations, and together allow ourselves to be illumined by the Holy Spirit through the words of each of our sisters.

Sister Geraldina told us that, resuming the theme of the Synod of Women, that “All voices count”. This is a process where we journey together, setting our goal in our very hearts, where we cater and seek to pursue with the change among the plurality of persons, bridging between the distinct visions and rhythms, where we could cultivate friendly relationships capable of questioning ourselves, where such consensus contributes to the common good.

As a congregation, we are in a dynamic of discernment and taking decisions towards the restructuring of our communities and mission. Each province would find at one point different from this process, and at the same time, we feel urged to have a global outlook towards this process of revision of our missions. Hence, we are working on, what is the DNA which identifies our mission as Missionary Dominican Sisters of the Rosary? Then later, what criteria do we propose for the revision of our works, presences, and style of mission?  

It was an intense journey, where we set the basis of the morning sessions which facilitated us to concretize better the planning on the dimension of MISSION.

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