25th of May

Africa is a continent as we all know is full of life and strength; rooted in the land, in nature; it is composed of people with a great sense of community which combines the diversity of culture from its various tribes with one strong common identity as an African continent.

Today, 25th of May is celebrated as “A Day of Africa” in two-fold reasons: boost the processes of liberation of the African countries from colonialization and all types of apartheid. The thrust and assessment on the development of various places of Africa through the coordination of the United African Organization commonly known as “Organización para la Unidad Africana” (OUA), which was founded on May 25, 1963.

In the Eucharist and throughout the day, we had in mind all our sisters in the different places and communities of Mozambique, Angola, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, and all the villages of Africa.

In our Chapter Works, we continue with the dimension on FORMATION, taking on some lights from the Pre-Chapter works realized in the different communities. During the week, we strove to give focus on the concerns on FORMATION, in which today, we dealt with Initial Formation.

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