30th of May

After a grateful day of rest, we continued the Chapter works. This week corresponds to work on the Structural Innovation of the dimensions of Government and Economy. The Morning Prayers has helped us in entering the dynamics of openness and listening to God so that His spirit will renew our mind, our hearts, our way of looking at the context of the world. All these, unite us in prayer in our longing for peace which we all need as humans.

We have started the day with an introduction presented by our Sister Trindade Lopes, General Secretary of the Congregation, regarding the revisions of the Constitutions and the Directory. After her introduction, Fray Rufino Callejo, OP, an expert on Canon Law, presented to us some resonances and insights on the revisions of the Constitutions and Directory in view of the revisions to work on. The considerations afforded were from the canonical, judicial, and practical perspectives which disposed of the group to talk over things or some concerns to find some enlightenment as it would be in the process or times of making decisions.

Beforehand, he opened a space of dialogue and discernment whether there is a need for ratification or not of some articles of our Constitutions, the “ad experimentum” which were approved by the Holy See. The votations were realized for each of the specified numbers, with its confirmation.

The day has ended with the celebration of the Eucharist in prayers and solidarity, with affection and condolences to our sisters of the Province of Reina de China for the demise of our dear sister Camino Chiang who died today. That her life and testimony will remind us of the life of our pioneer sisters who opened ways to commitment and missionary generosity.

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