1st of June

We have started the day with the Eucharist invoking the presence of the Spirit of God, so that the gift of His blessings, would accompany our General Chapter. Today´s Gospel, we are reminded of the prayer of Jesus: “Holy Father, keep them in your name, which you have given me, that they may be one, even as we are one” (Jn 17,11b). An invitation to live the universal fraternity, that unity enriched by its diversity.

In the morning, we did continue with the revision of the Protocol for the prevention of whatever types of abuse, which will be assumed in the congregational level. Going through it, we revised the necessary integration of the volunteerism in our missions. The scopes and precisions towards the doubts and questions set forth were resolved by the lawyer Agustin Gonzalez Ibanez.

In the afternoon, after re-reading of the weaknesses in the dimension of Government, the group works elaborated the general objective, specific objectives, and actions to be taken, of which were reviewed with openness and dialogue with participation of all members of the Chapter.

We likewise join in with all the countries of the world, who today, on this first of June celebrates the International Day of Children. We reaffirm our commitment in the defense and promotion o their rights, to make it a reality the dream for a better world.

We thank our translator in the dynamic work she realizes, her kind integration and friendly presence which facilitate us to listen and make each other better understood given our diverse reality and languages. Thank you, Lourdes White.

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